Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Influence Map and reserch

with a half-hour talk with Phill, he pointed out that my influence map was wrong- rather than being generalized in my map- I needed to pick out parts of artists, locations, books ect that influenced me in this current project- and so with that news I went home and vastly edited my map and thined it down after looking at a few examples,

from the  artist, Patrick Woodroffe, to Futurama's mutated Dixi Chicks, and even Aliens 3 makes an apperence that has, and still is guiding me through the last two weeks of this project. 
As for reaserch, I've been looking at human fetus' as I think, combined with a snail, the human development would go into reverse almost, giving fetus' like limbs before being devoured by the snail completely. Looking at fetus and even baby x-rays also shows how bones develop into our skeleton- like laying a bone jigsaw puzzel out in a womb and fitting it together- though it would grow in to place instead.

(Fetus at 4 weeks)
just stretch that out, add tiny deformed limbs, 'spike' like shell peices along the head and back and my face with a snail eye, and that's what I'm almost aiming for.

Embryo development
 If you read this right to left- you can see the process I'm aiming for- the limbs slowly get 'eaten' by the body to produce an strange worm or even slug-like creature.

As for  molluscan reserch, I've been trying to get my hand around how to draw snail skin easialy. As you can see in this photo above, snail skin is bumpy and hightly reflective- something I'm not all that good at, but I am joining myself with a snail at a DNA/molecular level, so- there can and should be just patches of snail skin, like Eczema or Psoriasis.

inside an average snail
I was quite surprised when I saw  an anitomical drawing of a snail- I didn't relise that so much went into that little shelled creature- though, I suppose creatures smaller like mites and microscopic bugs have the same ammount in their bodies- it's going to be ery hard to incorprate all that, along with snails being both sexes in my drawing with out it being too complicated or gory.

As for my elephant Man reveiw- I'll try to get that up as soon as possible- It's completed, but Blogger doesn't like me placeing the photos and so jumbles up the paragraphs into one big mess.

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