Friday, 10 February 2012

chcarcter sketches for 'Unfortunate Phobia'

Lion Tamer- Johnny Barvo- Cartoon Network, Jonney barvo (show). Heavy Weapons Guy, VALVE, Team Fortress 2 (Game) and a picture of a Lion Tamer. 

Lion Tamer, out-of business, first scene. and a Lion.

 rat/mouse character sketch

more lion sketches

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Script Idea- thanks to Phil.

Unfortunate Phobia

Monday, 6 February 2012

a few more Ideas

I'm narrowing it down from many ideas to a few, more better story ideas. here's a few short plot ideas that I will probably expand on.

Under-cover business

The manager of the gym is an ex-Lion Tamer who has kept some of his Lions. a few nights each month, he sets up Lion Bait fights and invite a group of low-lives who enjoy watching dog fights and cock fights. in this Lion baiting, the Lion is forced to fight against a pack of four dogs. But, what the Lion tamer doesn't know is that there is an RSPCA undercover worker who is taking pictures throughout the fight.
In the morning, the  Lion-Tamer is arrested, the Lions saved and given to zoos or released in the wild.

Lion Tamer,
small camera phone/spy camera,
small crowd of people,
RSPCA under cover agent.

Circus Within

During the Night, when the gym is shut and the staff have gone home, a circus springs to life, bringing dangerous animals withing the gym. dangerous to mice. This circus is for mice, and these dangerous animals are cats. On this particular night, one of the cats brakes free and starts to catch the mice. the 'Lion-Tamer' (or Tabby-Tamer) is injured and a Tabby-Tamer in training (or the Tabby-Tamers son) has to rescue the circus and put the cats back in their cages, meanwhile, an employee walks in forgetting his house keys and photographs the whole thing, but is called a mad-man.

Tabby-Tamer in Training,
Crowd of mice,
classic 'tent' circus,
camera phone.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Needing more Ideas

While researching about Lions, I learnt a few things about them.
1. there are many species of Lion than just the African and Mountain Lions. there are also, Asiatic lions, American Lions, Cave lions and White lions. I may consider starring one of the lesser species of Lions.

A new idea has also arisen when looking up some Lion Sports such as Lion Baiting- where Lions were forced to fight with bears and dogs. I could have the Lion tamer a crook to sets up Lion baiting constests in the Local gym, (prahaps manager?) and photographs the winner. this would have to be a realistic style, and would of course involve alot of fighting.

Friday, 3 February 2012

character doodles

What it says on the tin, really

Lion character.
I experimented with some styles and are hoping to try more. I mainly tried 'Lion King' Style, but made it Humanoid.

                                                 Lion Tamer. I based him on Elma Thudd (loony tunes)
                                                          and a hint of Gruu. I'm wondering is its
                                                          best to  makeing a cartoon creature as well

character Doodles

What it says on the tin

The Lion

The Lion Tamer

                                                              Animalised  Lion Tamer
 These are just doodles to know what it is I'm looking for in the characters, something cartoony... but 'kind of' realistic.

Unit 2 catch up

a bit late, but I struggle with reveiws

Alien 1

Legend 1

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Away 'till Monday

I have been to the Doctors about my irattic sleeping pattern that has effected my life since last crit day. He has told me to take some powerful sleeping tablets for four days, and has ordered me to stay home for Friday. though haven't got an idea why. I will still be sketching. but will unfortuneatally, won't be in on Friday and will miss the MAYA and what ever will replace Photoshop lessons.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Early Influence Map

Loonet Tunes is an obvious influence to me- as are the picture and painting of Lion Tameing and the picture of the gym. I like old fashioned cameras the best- expecially in their look, being mainly bronze and poslished wood, giving a sense of warmth. I like the Lion King Lions look- expecially the character Scar, as his face, to me seems to give off more emotion than the rest of the characters.