Thursday, 22 December 2011

road sketches

Sounds boring? I'll make it not

the original image I couldn't upload before. I like this image because of the slanty angles and the simplicity- but that can also be it's downfall
a 'stright road' version of the above image- the sign should say the same thing...

two images here- one of an broken, opened suitcase that I then included in the lower image- also with a vending machine

Top: a different version of the last image, but only with the vending machine,
Bottom: a different thing altogether- looking out from a rocky arch way onto a road with a broken mannequin also looking out. I really like this idea- mainly because I'm absolutely terrified of mannequins, and so it'll be a whole other experience if I choose this as a final image.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

more, different sketches

the top image is just a long 'corridoor' of houses, each ideantical, each small. the bottom image is of a dream I had, where my local houses were situated on a cliff-side over looking a vally.

The top image is of an oil-pump, with a house behind and an arid land-scape, the bottom image is loking up a hill with ideantical houses bordering and at the top one non-identical house.
There was going to be a third image (that I will try to get up later) that would not upload.

Reviews Galore

The Innocents[1]

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Monday, 12 December 2011

Online Greenlight Report

Unit Three[1]

Sunday, 11 December 2011

More sketches

I'm finding it a little hard to produce sketches of buildings- but I am trying my hardest to make them at least a little interesting to look at.

The third image is as far into 'strange' as I will go, I'm not trying to force upon the viewer that what they are seeing is a strange place, but more suggest that the refection on the window is something that doesn't seem all too right, or even suspicious.

Friday, 9 December 2011

just some updates (mostly Maya)

Thirds rule in Maya

diagonal rule in Maya
Camera created last Friday and was used for the thirds and diagonal rules

two sketches, the bottom one if trying to figure out how I could incorporate a more Victorian design

Pirate's Cove complete
Everything that was done today- or at least completed. with the sketches, I'm bordering 'Steampunk' (Victorian design with a modern twist, usually involving pipes and clockwork) I'm not trying to make my two houses into steam punk houses, just give a hint that something is different.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sketches and Late Life-drawing

I'm hopeing to include this somehow, but not as obvious as this image- somewhere where it's harder to spot.

And Tuesday's Life Drawing;

 Only one quick-sketch image was uploaded, the these was 'movement' and shade

Monday, 5 December 2011

Uncanny Robot

I know that this unit is about environment, but I can't help but look for the person inside this robot, it looks so human it's almost disturbing. This robot, ASIMO (Asi, Japanese for 'feet' mo short for motion), built by Honda and appered on the TV programme 'QI' Season 9, Episode 13. where I encounted him properly for the first time, though he is quite famous around the worl for his ability to walk like a person, which mechanically speaking is rather dificult.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Different sketches

well, since this unit came off at a bad start, I've been thinking and thinking about what on earth I can do for an uncanny environment. An idea hit me Friday morning as I were looking at 'creepy' street/houses images on google search engine.  This Idea, may seem back at first, but I'm sure it will make some kind of impact. Windows. yes, windows. But not looking out of them (though that was an idea too- I thought it was a bit plain) so I though that I could veiw a closed window that reflects the background, I've not decided what background to do yet, but that's my idea. to have an almost unclear vission of what's reflected on the glass of the window

I'll have the window and maybe part of the building along with maybe bushes or shrubs/plants, make it sem 'nice' but the reflected image would make the veiwer feel otherwise.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Unit 3 MAYA

I sped ahead as usual.. but then, I had to re-cap

I sped ahead in MAYA class, it was a mistake now, yes, but it was fun too. I revised this scene as you'll see in the last image

coin and jem shinyness before the 'revise'

Perl reflectivity before the 'revise' this also helped me think about what to do for my final MAYA/photoshop mix

the revise!
-removed chest and barrel texture
-changed gem colour, reduced the relfectivity
-changed pearl colour, changed reflectivity
Camera work

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unit three start

It's the start of a New Unit, and we have freedom to choose what we want to do, so there's no "I got '____'!" I have freedom that is only contrained to the specifications of the unit.

for this Unit, I have had a few Ideas, one Idea, involves animals, specifically- Canines, dogs, hearding dogs such as Border collies and German Shepards. why? because of their stare. Dogs in particular have a very powerful stare, wich the Border collie uses when it heards sheep (and sometimes children) they crouch down and stare, and I want to use that stare, makeing animals into 3D is not a challenge for me, organic shapes are easy, but I want to venture out of the organic 'zone' so I though of another idea; abandoned toys in 'unusual' areas like abandoned houses, street allyways or in front of an old disused fireplace, as I'm interested in the 'how did it get there' and 'what happened to the owner' aspect- the story aspect where the audience conclude their own story. the dog stare could be focusing on the toy, giving a 'why is it looking at that object? did the object belong to the dog's owner?' and typeing about this has given me a bit of insparation- a painted scene in my head.

anyway, without further blathering; here is what I have done in the two days of the course (not alot, but somethng)
Initial two ideas,  fox with a baby's rattle in it's mouth, just walking by and a odd-looking bin-bag on the curb.

a new Idea on this page, a dolls arm and hand peeking out of a 'toy's box and a similar idea with the fox and a rattle but replaced with a seagul- going to scrap that idea.

too ideas I am NOT happy with- good ideas at the time, but now I look at them and just feel.. 'meh' not interesting.

three ideas here; doll by the fireplace- as I told you before, a man looking over a bridge of unkown height and a dog (more specifically, My dog) looking at a shadowy figure

German Shepard Dog head. If I can carry my idea out, I was going to split the model into parts, the head and neck, the torso and tail and the legs for easier positioning. I can rig models, but not very well...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Presentation Post

Ami Weightman,Unit 2, Space

Monday, 21 November 2011

Re-introduceing an old Sketch

Takeing Phil's advice, I thought to myself on how I could improve on my space, makeing it bigger, but I also thought;  "I can't do much in a box" so, I took the camera out of the basement and into a hall-way just beside it. though, now my question is; How do I get the walls to look seperate without bluring them together in a total mess?

the 'glow' in the bottom Left, is (going to be) from the Mushrooms which are said to glow. the rest is natural light.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Painting Progress

I'm nearing the end to this one. I added a little more texture on the rocks, moved the light source slightly and made it bigger

What can I say? this one needs the most work of the three.

I did actually textureize the mushrooms, though, looking at the white eating mushroom besides me (used for reference) there's not much in terms of detail. just very very thin lines...

Friday, 18 November 2011

Chasm Digital Painting

The chasm from House on the Borderline. I'm debateing weather to put the Red glow that eminated from crags in the ground- or the House that was featured. I did try the glow- but it looked more like a murder scene. but- apart from dead center- I have no idea where to put the house. or weather I could 'hide' it somewhere, it peaking just over one of the mountain sides. In anycase- more work needs to be done to this as well as the two Shunned house paintings.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The start to my Trio of Landscape paintings

It was thanks to Photoshop Phil that I have made a decent start to one of three of my final images. It's not even half done yet. only glanceing up quickly, I can spot so many errors I can easially fix, and which I will fix.
I have also completed Unit 2, tutorial 2 of the Maya, but little has changed on the model, I will post when I have at least half finished tutorial three

Saturday, 12 November 2011

On to the Next

OK, one Unit two MAYA tutorial down.. around eight more to go. my MAYA trouble seemed to have dissipated tonight, which is good news all round

Friday, 11 November 2011

MAYA trouble

I have been haveing some trouble with Maya at the moment. sometimes, my UV maps of Maya totally dissapear, expecially if I double click, or just zoom in- I am faced with a grey, blank Grid.
the tutorials too, hare proveing a little problematic, only after my third attempt I was just able to veiw the whole of the tutorial, I'm not sure if it is just my internet connection or not.

but, with MAYA- and what I have learnt today, I am able to place together a MAYA scene of mushrooms in a basement;

At least the mushrooms are glowing... kindo of... like little street-lamps

Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Sketches

Just one and a bit more sketches to try and reach a scene that looks good for the 'House on the Borderland' exert

I like this image. especially the over powering light source.. but I feel it's too over powering, it gives the image little perspective. but I didn't want to just leave it.

So, I combined it with this earlier image, though, as always- it needs a lot of work- but their only sketches- my brain on a platter. more will be refined later on.


Maya, glorious Maya. I find this unit very daunting... and, I've only just started the tutorials, I hate to say, that two weeks ago Friday, I thought to my self 'I'll do the tutorial later' and then I became ill and forgot all about it, so it's mounted up, but- I have made a start... not far of a start, but one at least;

due to sleep deprivation, I was unable to do most of the first tutorial... but come friday night and saturday, I will catch up to, hopefully half of tutoral 3, if not at least the completeion of tutorial 2... that is my Maya goal

Unit 2, Space Assessment Re-write

I was told to change my assessment slightly, I thought it would be a good idea too, it was around 150 words, and I thought it would be good to 'trim the fat' a little bit:

This Assessment is going to explore the differences and similarities with the environment and scenes of James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR’ . using ‘AVATAR’s version of Earth and the fictional planet of Pandora. Using quotes and images from ‘Art of AVATAR’- Lisa Fitzpatrick, This Book contains lots of concept art of the environment, creature design and vehicle design, ‘James Cameron’s AVATAR, An Activist Survival Guide’- Maria Wilhelm & Dirk Matheson, this small book contains different aspects of the life on the fictional world of Pandora, and James Cameron’s AVATAR film (2009) looking at how the characters of the film interact with the environment as well as the creatures of said environment. This Assessment will look at the production, how and why the environment was chosen for the film.

So now, I'll only look at 'AVATAR' instead of comparing the film to the real world as I previously wanted to.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

pregress with the catch-up MAYA

as I need to complete my MAYA tasks- I thought I would try the poker-chip. it was rather successful... until I hit 'Render' then the Poker-chip went Dali:

I think I know what the problem is and I'll try and sort it.

After much work, I finally completed the Poker-chip

I did add my own flare- as usual... though, I forgot that the poker-chip's number colour was the same as the main colour, while the outside what white.

Front lighting now.. it didn't turn out how I expected though...
The three lighting scenes. I found these relativially easy.. as I did with all but ther rear lighting.

Above, the rear Lighting task and the two point lighting task.

More Maya catch up! different Blinns this time:







On the Bottle
not litterally...  I only completed a little of the bottle, since my Blinns kept vanishing and I couldn't get them back.

Fan Progress

I'm going to ask simon for help about the mystery of the vanishing Blinns, so for now progress of the Fan 

The completed Fan

I added this image because the rendered version 'de-smoothed' the fan

the same problem with the fan... it 'de-smoothed' when I rendered it, no idea what the problem is.

I'm still at stuck on the bottle, the Blinns and Lamberts are still dissapering never to be returned again, I asked Simon, and he saidd it may be a glitch with the scene, everytime it happens, I'm back to square one with linking each effect to the other, going back over the same part of the tutorial again and again...