Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Sketches

Just one and a bit more sketches to try and reach a scene that looks good for the 'House on the Borderland' exert

I like this image. especially the over powering light source.. but I feel it's too over powering, it gives the image little perspective. but I didn't want to just leave it.

So, I combined it with this earlier image, though, as always- it needs a lot of work- but their only sketches- my brain on a platter. more will be refined later on.


Maya, glorious Maya. I find this unit very daunting... and, I've only just started the tutorials, I hate to say, that two weeks ago Friday, I thought to my self 'I'll do the tutorial later' and then I became ill and forgot all about it, so it's mounted up, but- I have made a start... not far of a start, but one at least;

due to sleep deprivation, I was unable to do most of the first tutorial... but come friday night and saturday, I will catch up to, hopefully half of tutoral 3, if not at least the completeion of tutorial 2... that is my Maya goal

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  1. Hey Ami,

    Lots to get excited about here; I think that top image is very suggestive of space! And look - Ami + Maya = a good start! But I do have a small request to make of you. When you 'narrate' your progress on the blog, it often communicates an anxiousness - a sense of you 'over-sharing' your anxieties. While you may indeed be anxious, can I suggest that you develop a specific persona - a kind of 'Ami Pro' character - for your blog presence - so that you reflect critically on your work - but constructively. Your blog is ultimately not a diary, but a shop window into your creative studio, so while you may be nervous of a task or sleep deprived, how about keeping some of that more negative energy away from your work? It maybe a case of 'faking it until you make it' - but if so, so be it!