Sunday, 13 November 2011

The start to my Trio of Landscape paintings

It was thanks to Photoshop Phil that I have made a decent start to one of three of my final images. It's not even half done yet. only glanceing up quickly, I can spot so many errors I can easially fix, and which I will fix.
I have also completed Unit 2, tutorial 2 of the Maya, but little has changed on the model, I will post when I have at least half finished tutorial three


  1. This is a bold composition, Ami - but beware the 'my whole world is made of plasticine' thing - I think you need to speak with Photoshop Phil about varying your brushes etc.

    For your info:

  2. @Phil; Yes, I'm going to talk with Photoshop Phil tomorrow and monday about helping me with my varient brushes, It has been long since I used photoshop for anything more than personal paintings (discludeing Last unit's digital paintings) and such, I find it hard to use more than one brush, thinking it 'a cheap way' to get the right effect.