Thursday, 10 November 2011

Unit 2, Space Assessment Re-write

I was told to change my assessment slightly, I thought it would be a good idea too, it was around 150 words, and I thought it would be good to 'trim the fat' a little bit:

This Assessment is going to explore the differences and similarities with the environment and scenes of James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR’ . using ‘AVATAR’s version of Earth and the fictional planet of Pandora. Using quotes and images from ‘Art of AVATAR’- Lisa Fitzpatrick, This Book contains lots of concept art of the environment, creature design and vehicle design, ‘James Cameron’s AVATAR, An Activist Survival Guide’- Maria Wilhelm & Dirk Matheson, this small book contains different aspects of the life on the fictional world of Pandora, and James Cameron’s AVATAR film (2009) looking at how the characters of the film interact with the environment as well as the creatures of said environment. This Assessment will look at the production, how and why the environment was chosen for the film.

So now, I'll only look at 'AVATAR' instead of comparing the film to the real world as I previously wanted to.

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