Sunday, 20 November 2011

Painting Progress

I'm nearing the end to this one. I added a little more texture on the rocks, moved the light source slightly and made it bigger

What can I say? this one needs the most work of the three.

I did actually textureize the mushrooms, though, looking at the white eating mushroom besides me (used for reference) there's not much in terms of detail. just very very thin lines...


  1. I really like the window and light in no3.

  2. Hey Ami,

    I think you're playing things rather safe still - how about expanding the view of the cellar to take in more of the space? Also, you need to give more thought to the textures - everything is still sooooooo soft in your world - the shrooms look to be made of the same material as the floor and the walls - and they're not, obviously. Also consider the ways in which the various components join - the mushroom stalks are sitting 'ontop' of the ground, when truly they would have come up through it. There would more shrooms - smaller shrooms, there might be liquid on the floor... put simply, I just don't think you're thinking hard enough about the 'reality' of this space... you've got time for a couple more passes of detail and exploration - I suggest you invest!