Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unit three start

It's the start of a New Unit, and we have freedom to choose what we want to do, so there's no "I got '____'!" I have freedom that is only contrained to the specifications of the unit.

for this Unit, I have had a few Ideas, one Idea, involves animals, specifically- Canines, dogs, hearding dogs such as Border collies and German Shepards. why? because of their stare. Dogs in particular have a very powerful stare, wich the Border collie uses when it heards sheep (and sometimes children) they crouch down and stare, and I want to use that stare, makeing animals into 3D is not a challenge for me, organic shapes are easy, but I want to venture out of the organic 'zone' so I though of another idea; abandoned toys in 'unusual' areas like abandoned houses, street allyways or in front of an old disused fireplace, as I'm interested in the 'how did it get there' and 'what happened to the owner' aspect- the story aspect where the audience conclude their own story. the dog stare could be focusing on the toy, giving a 'why is it looking at that object? did the object belong to the dog's owner?' and typeing about this has given me a bit of insparation- a painted scene in my head.

anyway, without further blathering; here is what I have done in the two days of the course (not alot, but somethng)
Initial two ideas,  fox with a baby's rattle in it's mouth, just walking by and a odd-looking bin-bag on the curb.

a new Idea on this page, a dolls arm and hand peeking out of a 'toy's box and a similar idea with the fox and a rattle but replaced with a seagul- going to scrap that idea.

too ideas I am NOT happy with- good ideas at the time, but now I look at them and just feel.. 'meh' not interesting.

three ideas here; doll by the fireplace- as I told you before, a man looking over a bridge of unkown height and a dog (more specifically, My dog) looking at a shadowy figure

German Shepard Dog head. If I can carry my idea out, I was going to split the model into parts, the head and neck, the torso and tail and the legs for easier positioning. I can rig models, but not very well...


  1. Ami - you're not listening. This is about ENVIRONMENT - not your pre-existing love of animals or whatever. I'm going to be very clear with you. Spend this first week looking at the artists on the reading list, on the blog - and deal with the actual space-based challenges of this unit. Your Unit 2 was compromised by your stubborn refusal to actually 'steer into the wind' and deal with the creative aspects that challenge you. I don't want to see any Maya animals from you. Choose again.

  2. Hey again, Ami - more tough love - please see this notification and be there as requested.