Wednesday, 9 November 2011

pregress with the catch-up MAYA

as I need to complete my MAYA tasks- I thought I would try the poker-chip. it was rather successful... until I hit 'Render' then the Poker-chip went Dali:

I think I know what the problem is and I'll try and sort it.

After much work, I finally completed the Poker-chip

I did add my own flare- as usual... though, I forgot that the poker-chip's number colour was the same as the main colour, while the outside what white.

Front lighting now.. it didn't turn out how I expected though...
The three lighting scenes. I found these relativially easy.. as I did with all but ther rear lighting.

Above, the rear Lighting task and the two point lighting task.

More Maya catch up! different Blinns this time:







On the Bottle
not litterally...  I only completed a little of the bottle, since my Blinns kept vanishing and I couldn't get them back.

Fan Progress

I'm going to ask simon for help about the mystery of the vanishing Blinns, so for now progress of the Fan 

The completed Fan

I added this image because the rendered version 'de-smoothed' the fan

the same problem with the fan... it 'de-smoothed' when I rendered it, no idea what the problem is.

I'm still at stuck on the bottle, the Blinns and Lamberts are still dissapering never to be returned again, I asked Simon, and he saidd it may be a glitch with the scene, everytime it happens, I'm back to square one with linking each effect to the other, going back over the same part of the tutorial again and again...

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