Tuesday, 8 November 2011

two photoshop sketches

I drew these two quickly... none I really truly like... or can paint very well...

30 minutes...  and to me.. it looks like a fuzzy brain cavity with blue water and strange yellow slabs...... but what I TRIED to represent was a chasm leading to a 'red glow' (as described in the book exert) I still have no idea what to put on thoughs blank sand-stone walls... apart from hieroglyphics

I like this idea of having a very symmetrical foreground and less symmetrical mid and background, but as you can see- I use photos I took of Egyptian hieroglyphs instead of drawing them- granted this is a sketch, I think I'm going to find it hard to draw hieroglyphics when I do need to- as well as the Set(Seth) statues in the foreground (which I only drew one and Copy and pasted and flipped it. but to me... it looks flat.

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