Sunday, 4 December 2011

Different sketches

well, since this unit came off at a bad start, I've been thinking and thinking about what on earth I can do for an uncanny environment. An idea hit me Friday morning as I were looking at 'creepy' street/houses images on google search engine.  This Idea, may seem back at first, but I'm sure it will make some kind of impact. Windows. yes, windows. But not looking out of them (though that was an idea too- I thought it was a bit plain) so I though that I could veiw a closed window that reflects the background, I've not decided what background to do yet, but that's my idea. to have an almost unclear vission of what's reflected on the glass of the window

I'll have the window and maybe part of the building along with maybe bushes or shrubs/plants, make it sem 'nice' but the reflected image would make the veiwer feel otherwise.


  1. Not a 'bad start' Ami - just a 'false start'. You have a tendency (and a self-confessed one!) to resist feedback and 'stay put' creatively; you said as much yourself when you told me that your tutors had always urged you to 'leave your comfort zone' on previous courses. I just want you to surprise yourself and create work you couldn't have predicted - otherwise, you may as well just remain in the cosy privacy of your room and not pay your fees! As I suggested earlier, I want to see evidence on here that you're engaging with the theme of the uncanny in a theoretical way (i.e. that you're getting on with his actual essay), that you're looking at the work of other artists as a way of further exploring the theme, and also that you're using your so-far non-existent film reviews to explore the themes, meanings and metaphors of 'the uncanny' as an experience filmmakers are trying to transmit.

    in short, I want to see much more thinking and exploring from you in the early stages of a design brief! This is actually your job now, Ami...

  2. hi ami. it may be a good idea to refine some of your thumbnails a little further to get your points across. right now, i'm finding your explanations of your thumbnails more informative than the thumbnails themselves. there are some good ideas here, they just need to be clearer. really sell your ideas and do them justice!