Monday, 12 December 2011

Online Greenlight Report

Unit Three[1]


  1. OGR 13/12/2011

    Hi Ami,

    A slightly disappointing OGR - both in content and presentation terms. You know, I think you need to be pushed, Ami - you need to be pushed out of your private world where you do stuff the way you do it, but therefore don't take into account how the rest of the world wants it done. This isn't a criticism on your character or a suggestion that 'your way' is without merit, but I do think you need a much more sophisticated, mature and professional approach to making work and presenting work. I'd like you to nominate a blog of one of your classmates that you admire and enjoy visiting, and then compare/contrast your own approach and use their example to get yourself a bit more 'in the world'.

    Lecture over - so, your summary of the Uncanny is a bit lacking, Ami - Freud gives lots of specific examples in the second section of the assignment of experiences and things that create these effects in us, and I'd like to see you dealing more adequately with this theoretical nuts and bolts stuff - because you need this understanding to guide your production for your digital set.

    You've got a few thumbnails going on, and I'm not sure if you're seeking a 'greenlight' on the final photoshop mock-up, but there's something uninteresting about that composition - looking directly at a wall, with all the interesting stuff featuring only as a reflection. I'm not even sure what you're trying to accomplish; in many of your early thumbnails you seemed to be dealing with 'sameness' and repetition as triggers for an unnerving experience - a sort of architectural fakeness or film-set feel.

    You might want to check out some additional references, to help inspire some more dynamic thumbnails - as right now, there is something largely pedestrian about the way you're seeing your world; so, for your delight and delectation:,_Pennsylvania

    (there are a number of videos on youtube etc.)

    Think about the suburb in Edward Scissorhands:


    I think you need a stronger, more clearly identified strategy, Ami - so I look forward to seeing some more thumbnails and ideas on here in coming days.

    Re. your written assignment; I think you're going to run into trouble with this choice of essay, simply because there's not enough content here. I fear you'll end up writing a rather descriptive 'how they did it and what they did' style assignment, when I want something more critical and more analytical from you. I think you should simply choose one of the films from the 'Cinema of the Strange' group and then, before you even consider writing anything, you ensure that you've a) read the uncanny essay closely and b) understood it, c) read widely in regard to your chosen film, and d) drawn some conclusions in regard to how an understanding of the uncanny opens up the meaning of the film in different ways.

    I've also learned from Tracey Ashmore that you've only attended that first appointment with her, and since then you haven't been back - when it's very clear to me (as it should be to you) that you are in need of greater support if you're going to get the most from these units and therefore meet the true creative and intellectual challenge of the degree course.

    I want you to be much more ambitious for your own learning, Ami - you're treading water a bit, and it's beginning to show. Chop chop! Accomplish something extraordinary!

  2. @ you've given me stuff to think about, and an Idea, sorry about the OGR.