Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Early Influence Map

Loonet Tunes is an obvious influence to me- as are the picture and painting of Lion Tameing and the picture of the gym. I like old fashioned cameras the best- expecially in their look, being mainly bronze and poslished wood, giving a sense of warmth. I like the Lion King Lions look- expecially the character Scar, as his face, to me seems to give off more emotion than the rest of the characters.


  1. Scar definatly gives off what I would consider more natural lion demeanour (Lets face it how many lions are trustworthy). I had the idea of an old school camera with a light bulb Id defintly consider that as the kind of camera in your scene. You should consider a wrestling ring with a Lion vs. his trainer - I'd actually like to see that lol!

  2. Yeah definitely stick with the old fashioned camera!! I think it will work particularly well and yep also think Scar is a good influence - but maybe he's slightly too sinister, unless that's what you want to portray :)