Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rough Script Ideas

(Based on initial thoughts, 1.Loony-Tunes, Cartoon Style, 2. Pixar, Cartoon style)
1.      Lion’s Revenge
An Elderly Lion-Tamer, wanting his days of a ‘beast’ master to return to him goes to a gym to try and get his physique back.
He tries to turn the light switch on, it does not work
(Camera focus on light switch flicking on and off)
Shrugging it off- as it is broad day light, he decides to run on the treadmill, which steadily gets faster.
(camera cuts back and forth from the Lion-Tamer’s face to his feet again and again as the treadmill speeds for a four shots then goes to a full body shot)
 The Lion-Tamer, unable to keep up with the ever speeding treadmill is flung off the end, hitting a wall and sliding down
(Camera stays at the treadmill until the Lion-Tamer’s ‘thump’ on the wall, then the camera will cut to the Lion-Tamer sliding down the wall. Fades to black)
The Lion-Tamer, then tries a different piece of equipment- an exercise bike. The Lion-Tamer, enjoying his artificial bike ride, puts some headphones on- large enough to fit over his hat. He is now unaware he is being watched.
(Camera cuts from a side-view of the Lion-Tamer to facing the Lion-Tamer [from the side of the face, near over-the-shoulder])
There is a large empty crate (which held a piece of equipment) turned on its side. Briefly, two bright dots shine- indicating eyes.
The camera then cuts to a partial close up of the Lion-Tamer’s face; music can be heard from his headphones faintly. But it then covered over by intense building strings, the camera then cuts back to face the crate, a shape quickly moves from the crate out of shot, the strings cut off sharply with plucks.
The Camera cuts to the opposite side of the Lion-Tamer, Showing two more silhouettes sneak up- one that seems to be holding a silhouette of an old-fashioned camera. And start to set it up. The Lion-Tamer is still oblivious to what is going on around him.
The Camera then returns to a frontward over-shoulder view of the crate- where a large shadow looms- it is that of a male lion.
The camera cuts to another side view the Lion-Tamer. In clear view (to the audience) the Large Male Lion is standing behind the Lion-Tamer and Roars as loud as he can. But the Lion tamer does not hear him. Confused the Lion looks towards the other silhouettes.
Camera cuts to a close up of the silhouettes, which are now revealed to be a Leopard and a Tiger, who look at him angrily and fed-up. The Male Lion tries again to scare the Lion-Tamer with a roar, but is still not heard. Giving up, the Lion taps the shoulder of the Lion-Tamer who turns around and roars in his face. The leopard shoots a picture of the Lion tamer being scared by the Male Lion.
(camera cuts [with a flash] to the Leopard’s picture of the Lion Tamer being terrified by the Lion with his mouth opened to impossible angles, roaring)

(This story developed as I was writing it; originally, I had the Lion-Tamer being chased on the treadmill by a lion- but thought that was too short.)

2.      Help! My Lion is missing!

It is dusk Outside the gym, audiences are greeted with a sign post with the words: “Lion Missing, big reward, contact local circus if found”. The camera slowly pans in, close to the gym.

Camera cuts to just out-side the gym, where, a Lion-Tamer enters, looking rather exhausted. He opens the door and enters the gym
(Camera cuts to interior of the gym, facing the door)
The Lion-Tamer shuts the door walking out of frame.

(Camera cuts to the light switch turning flipping up and down.)
He tries to turn the lights, but to no avail.
(Camera cuts to a full shot of the Lion-Tamer)
Sighing, the Lion-Tamer turns on a torch and proceeds, walking out of shot.

(Camera cuts to an on-the-floor shot, far from the Lion-Tamer, the Lion tamer shines the torch-light towards the camera- the camera moves behind something.)

(Camera cuts to Lion-Tamer)
Lion-Tamer hears a noise that spooks him and turns round,

(Camera cuts to an over the shoulder shot of the Lion Tamer)

 Flooding the area with light, and a dark shadow dashes past

(Camera cuts to the Lion-Tamer’s head)
The Lion Tamer slightly screams, his hands now shaking,

(Camera pans completely around him in a circle)
The shadows from his torch seem to become fighting monsters and beasts,

(Camera then pans to his side and stays there.)
The Lion-Tamer hears tapping of claws against the floor of the gym

(Camera pans the background away)
The Lion-Tamer fearfully anticipates what the noise is as he shakes and points the light to the sound

(Camera cuts to dis-used and broken equipment- where the light is shining)
A hiss, skittering and clanking sounds from the disused and broken equipment.

(Camera cuts to a waist-up shot of the Lion-Tamer)
Lion-Tamer screams recoils and almost drops his torch.

(Camera cuts to an on-the-floor shot that rapidly pans towards the Lion-Tamer)
Lion Tamer holding his hands close to his chest looks around too late and screams.

-Camera flash-

(Camera cuts from a white fade out to a picture of the very scared Lion-Tamer being tackled by a Lion cub. And faint words on a banner in the back ground saying ‘surprise’)

 (this also developed as I wrote it, becomeing much longer than I expected)

that is all my ideas I have now- script wise. I feel like I shoult develop characters for both of these scripts, as I like them both.


  1. I'm really liking 'Lion's Revenge' I think it has definitely captured a Loony-Tunes quality! The only thing is maybe you could include the prop at the start to show flash backs of the Lion tamer in his prime?? Also it be great to see some mind maps to see what influences and character ideas you have in mind :)

  2. Looking very good and very professional.

  3. This isnt bad Ami, the only thing I'd say is the Leopard seems a little un-needed. I agree with Lydia, it is very looney tunes. Lydia's idea of showing photographs as flash backs is a brilliant idea you should really consider that.

    It's good to see that you have your idea coming together :)