Friday, 6 January 2012

Another dream inspired sketch

A few hours ago- I woke from a rather strange dream... a dream in which Santa clause were chaseing down people like a bounty hunter... only- in the desert by a strange chain-link fence. it was only later on when the thought hit me; "hey! santa in the deserts strange!"  so- I made some changes of my dream... turning the 'real' santa into a plastic duplicate you might see on a house roof in the christmas season

just realised... I forgot to add a shadow to the chain-link fence...

If your wondering, "what could you construct in maya with that?" I have it figured out, the Santa and parts of the chain-link will be in Maya as well as the forground of the terain- the rest will be in Photoshop.


  1. i like this....reminds me of some sort of border patrol... like Santa is trying to flea the border and he has just ditched everything: reindeer, sledge,clothes and and all. (perhaps he just had enough of being that guy that gives people free toys) i just Imagen the sack still full of presents caught and snagged on the fence while there is just a pile of red robes and a Santa hat near the boots he flung off in a hurry. the sledge in the distance like its been parked. Imagen there is a not so naked Santa in Mexico somewhere eating burritos! sipping on tequila! and all the kids will no longer get there free toys. xD!! sorry this wasn't a very constructive comment but i do like this piece so i cant wait to see how it turns out ^_^