Monday, 30 January 2012

Unit 4- Thought Post, part 2

My thought goes to the character in the scene, the Lion Tamer.

Which can be perceived in many ways. to Tame a Lion- a wild beast with fangs and claws. to taming in a metaphorical sense, like a  parent taming her tantrum induced teenager. or a boss taming a stubborn employee (or vice versa). It could also be a natural disaster Like the natural disaster (or disaster in general) is something to be tamed and made to become weaker or back to normal. As Lions are known in mythology to be brave, strong, fearless beasts that could and would attack and kill anything with their bare claws.

I have been doing some research about physical 'Lion Taming' and though the word 'Lion' is used, the first ever Big Cat to be 'tamed' was a Tiger.
In 1819, a French circus performer named Henri Martin entered a cage with a tiger, shocking the audience when he emerged without a scratch. Martin, a retired horse trainer, soon taught the tiger to obey a series of simple commands. He eventually incorporated lions into his act as well, becoming the first famous lion tamer.
the Most common big cats used in the ring of a circus when A Lion tamer is an act is: Lions, Tigers, Pumas, Jaguars, cheetahs and Leopards.

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  1. Its good to see you delving into the origins of your chosen exerpts. That's what you should be doing at the beginning stage, at this point nothing is out of the question.

    Explore, find, refine & refine again. If you check my post out you will find it is a wash of mix and match with no definitives.

    Think what kind of Gym it could be, who says it has to have a boxing ring. You could have the tamer riding an exercise bike and a lion jumps on the one behind him to create some kind of artificial chase (that would be funny).

    What props do lion tamers commonly use? Can you implement them into the gym somehow? Is the camera a normal camera? or could it be one of those olden day cameras that used to explode a light bulb when taken? Wouldnt the lion act badly to the flash?

    Just keep asking yourself questions.

    Personally I find the idea of a Lion being tamed by his tamer in a local Gym interesting because your right it could be a surprise party only the lion is calm in the gym and then when the camera makes an appearance the lion flips out and eats the tamer lol.

    Just an idea but you are on the right track :)