Thursday, 12 January 2012

Final Piece, Progress 2

I simplified the Santa, as to not spend eternity on it, just adding the beard made of fur instead of everything, that will make him look more ‘toy-ish’ and less realistic (and harder to model)

Placeing Santa in my scene to see how it looks

The very simple santa
I'm still usueing the temp background for now.
I'm still not happy with this santa, I can see lots of faults to corrects, and so will be tweeking them.


  1. Ami - why is it that everytime you talk about your own creative work, you're always looking for ways to avoid the challenge in the very concept you've chosen to take forward? No tutor wants to read that a creative decision has been taken to 'avoid' the opportunity to 'know more/experience more'. How about setting yourself a difficult technical challenge - and going all out to meet it...?

  2. oh - remember the 16:9 aspect ratio too!