Monday, 30 January 2012

Unit 4 Start -Thought Post-

Lion Tamer, Gym, Camera.
what do these things have in common?
I have to make a scene from them.

There are many possibilities when considering scenes- especially the basic plot that can be as complex or simple as you make it to be. There are also sounds, music and camera direction to consider in mainly the MAYA pre-viz. There are also the complexity of the character- when trying to create a realist character- even if it's for a few moments- or less. the looks they give, the movement of their body, the personality towards different situations.

 But most important of all is the Plot- without any plot there is no story to tell (even documentaries have a plot in a sense- though this mainly done through editing later, after shooting).

With this character, prop and location, the imagination can, though may have some restrictions, be limitless (provided here, be it has to be in a gym- the character's occupation has to be a Lion Tamer and there has to be a camera at least in the scene)

Here are some basic thoughts of mine- that were instantly put together when given the magic 'blue box' things:

Thought 1:

An elderly Lion Tamer, that wants to get fit and back into Lion taming goes to the gym (late at night) to find his old Lion, now looking like a body-builder and wants revenge for the Lino Tamers cruelty  and so takes pictures of him 'beating up' the lion tamer.
(Loony-Tunes type style and comedy)

Thought 2:

A Lion Tamer and his (friendly) ex-Lion meet up in a gym and have a sparring match in the boxing ring (or any other competitive sport) while being photographed
(again, Loony-Tunes style)

Thought 2:

An elderly Lion Tamer has lost his Lion, and the last place he looks is the gym. as he enters the gym- the light switch won't work and so proceeds with a torch. he hears scuttling and other noises- then gets pounced upon by  his Lion while a camera flashes- the lights are then switched on (via switch box?) and the whole 'lion lost' is a set up to a surprise party for the Lion Tamers birthday.
(starts of like a horror, then turns 'normal')

I will come up with more Ideas as the characters develop as there are still many possibilities (such as a lion tamer mouse etc).


  1. Hey Ami,

    Thought 3 (marked as 2 again on here). I can actually imagine the lion turning when the light comes on and smiling for the camera purched on top of the tamer. The big cheesy grin could be an awsome panel for your story board.

    You could even adjust the edges as Phil showed in surprise panels today make it in the shape of lions teeth or something :P

    Anyway like the idea keep developing it!

  2. I agree with Stitch, I think the story has potential and I could imagine the sound effects being very successful :)