Sunday, 25 September 2011

Better Late Than Never

I have been trying to wrap my head around film reveiw all week- I've never reveiwed anything before (I missed the 50's fly on monday) and so- this reveiw of the fly will be primative and probally not even a true reveiw. so- I'm sorry 'n all about the terrible reveiw- I hope tomorrows reveiw will be at least a touch better- also, because of a fairly weak stomach, I couldn't bare looking up photos of the film (says the person who had to reaserch pictures of necrotizing fasciitis just two years earlier)

The fly is a film Staring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.
Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle who is working on teleporting devices and Geena Davis, who plays a journalist, films Seth while he is working. After a few problems, namley turning his baboon inside out, Seth transports himself but he doesn't realise that there is a fly in the transporter with him. After feeling what he calls 'filtered' and 'cleansed'. a few mutant insect hairs grow on his back- and that's where the trouble starts. over time more and more body parts fall of of him and are replaced by strange fly/human hybrid organs until he loks completely inhuman.

The film raises a few political issues that were current at the time of production such as women makeing their own decision about aborting their own baby and how AIDS can spread quickly and 'mutate' the body. The Fly used some symbolism and their own storyline to outline these issues such as Geena Davis' character's dream sequence where she gives birth to a live, giant maggot instead of aborting it earlier on, and Seth slowly transforming into a horrid 'mutant' as a diesease takes holds of him- become stronger- but ultimately much weaker- this is almost how AIDS works, it destroys the immune system and causes you to eventually become weaker until even a simple cold could be devastating.

As I said- lots of problems....

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  1. Hey Ami - don't beat yourself up! You've got plenty of opportunities to refine your technique and grow in confidence in terms of critical writing and using academic conventions successfully. The brief is written to help you worry less about 'how' to structure proper review - i.e. 'must have' 3 quotes, 3 stills, a bibliography, illustration list... I'll put some links on here that will give you a better idea of how to worry less... watch this space!