Friday, 23 September 2011

Photoshop Snail-me

Unfortuneatally, I haven't been able to find my camera to take photos of my life drawing sketches, but when I do find my camera, I'll update this blog with the pictures.

During the Photoshop introduction, I learned a technuiqe- that was and still is very useful to me, as I sometimes find it a pain to paint on photoshop- though I enjoy it more than useing physical paints and brushes.
I have skipped a few steps in this, I know- I had it all planned out, sketch and scan in some anatomical hand drawings. Then, show how a hand would turn into something more snail-like, but instead- I skipped to drawing myself as the snail-hybrid- though this isn't going to be my final drawings- I still fee like I should and could add much, much more to the digital painting.
I do feel as if there is something either wrong or missing. I can tell- now by looking at it that some of the hybrid's slime isn't falling in the right direction,  it's tilted, and it looks more blob-like than human- I still want an essence of Humanity still in the painting, expecially in the eye/eyes, the only problem with that, is that one of the most defined features of any kind of snail is it's tentical-like eyes.
But- putting my little critisism to the side- I really enjoyed this painting, It took me around an hour and a half in the computer bays- and about ten minutes more at home touching up parts that I could see needed improvement.

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  1. Good first step. Like you say though, it's missing you. I would suggest attempting some studies of yourself and slowly start bringing in aspects of snail. Rather than a snail-first approach.

    In terms of capturing the textural sliminess and general ickiness of a snail, this a great start.

    Keep it up. :-)