Friday, 16 September 2011

Course Start and Animal Pairing

Paireing, or to put it more like the breif- combineing with Achatina fulica, or to you and me- the Giant East African Land Snail, may seem like an almost failure to people, why would they be combine with something so un-human, something not a vertibrate, something to them that would most likely make their stomach turn when they think of the slime involved. But I find it almost as a relief. I have an interesting, yet simple creature to draw, no limbs, no complex tail, no fins, no fluke, no neck.

and so I start on my 'snails pace' journey to intergrate myself into the image of the simple mollusk- the snail


  1. Hey Ami,

    So - it's the land snail for you! But remember, you've been fused with your creature at the genetic level, which means that the ultimate life-form might look absolutely extraordinary. You'll need to get to know the behaviour and and physiognomy of your creature intimately, so that you can start to map out the different ways your human form might be adapted. I want you to think from the 'inside out' - it's possible that your creature might not look too human OR too snail like at all!

    For some examples of student work from last year, visit here:

  2. oh - and watch your spelling - lots of typos; for example, *paireing* should be 'pairing' and *combineing* should be 'combining' etc. *Vertibrate* should be 'vertebrate'. I know it's boring, but the detail of your presentation matters.