Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Life Drawing and Snail-me V.2

I finally found my camera yesterday and so took some shots my life drawing pictures today, though- most of them are... bad pictures- it was a little rushed when I took them, because with lots of things going on at oncve- I forget things, but, luckially, I remembered to take the pictures- I edited them on photoshop- as in lighten and darken areas that were too ark because of the camera ect...

As you can see... terrible shots. It's also been a while since I've drawn any type of homosapiean too...


A second shot at drawing a snail-me. and yes- I copied off my UCA photo, but it's only for practice and figureing out how to draw myself- I didn't trace though.

I went much, much more human this time, adding snail parts rather than looking like a snail-blob, though- I would still like to do that, but makeing it look less like 'just a person' and more looking like me (combined with a snail)

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  1. Hi Ami! I'm Molly and I shall be your mentor for this year! :D

    Your blog is looking really nice, you've got some lovely studies of snails and your life drawing shows great potential. I agree with Tom about your Photoshop snail image, it's seriously icky so make sure you don't lose that in later portraits!

    I like this first image of a real combination of your face and a snail's. I think the next step is to push this even further by thinking what the combination would do to your skeleton. You've had a look at the skeletal structure of your hand as it changes which is fantastic so just elaborate on that. Really push yourself in terms of experimenting with possible body shapes and features. What is it that makes a snail so iconic and how would those features affect yours?

    It's all very exciting so please carry on and don't be afraid to get my attention! I look forward to seeing how your portrait develops! :D