Monday, 26 September 2011

La Bell et la Bete reveiw and sketches of the weekend

Again, I'm not too good with reveiws, this time- I hoped to have improved, I only wrote down a few notes when watching the film, as it was almost identical to Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

I only focused on 'Beast' as he conjoures up alot of symbolizom in the film.
This story has been told many times throughout history, the latest "true" 'beauty and the Beast' being Disney's 1991 version under the same name. though La Bell et la bete seems to focus more on Beast desperately tying to ignore his animal instinct in attempt to not scare off and dissapoint Bell, as in one part of the film shows Beast focusing on a wild deer while Bell is talking to him- ignoeing his animal instincts he takes notice if her rather than the deer who gallops off into the woods.

Beast stareing through the trees to spy on Bell's father as he leaves, his eyes, very animalistic and stareing- almost like feral cat eyes.

Another way La Bell et la Bete shows Beast's animalistic nature is when Bell's father looks him in the eyes, Beast immidetly yells "do not look directly into my eyes!" as most creatures, includeing canids and gorillas shy away or feel challenged when another creature looks them directly in the eye.
These animalisic qualities could mean alot of things- expecialy when it comes to love, from urges and primal instincts to anxiety and nervousnes. though it seems in La Bell et la Bete it was, like almost every boy on his first journey to meet a girl- it was inexperience, he felt like a beast because no one understood him and treated him as such, alienateing him from the rest of the world and Since he was so shy, he locked himself away- fearing rejection in an almost paranoid fantistacle way.

Beast carrying Bell after she passes out, seeing his 'horrid' apperence

Beast eventually gives Bell a golden key to his treasures- which represents his heart- in return that she will come back to him after a week of freedom to see her ill father, though Bell can't help but tell her brother and his friend about the secrects that lay withing the castle, the brother immidietly tells his and Bells greedy sisters who want nothing but to be in ritches and welth. the brother and his firend on the other hand want to kill the beast, both for fame and so it would be easier to gain his treasures.

Beast watches Bell as she eats, in an almost stalking like mannor- this could be represent of two things, his anmalistic nature takeing over- as most preditors watch their prey as they eat- or like a stalker he only wants to watch her as he becomes more and more fixated on her. 
 Weekend sketches

I managed to finnish some sketches over the weekend, and am quite plesed how they turned out- though admitted, I used hand images from the internet and drew them instead of my own hand. I did have two animations prepared, but they didn't work when posted (the animations were of the transition of 'normal' hand to snail-hand as seen below)

Hand study to show 'evolution' from normal hand to a slug/snail like hand, and bone study to show internal stucture of bones slowly fade away as the hand begins to transform. I used two images, one of a normal hand x-ray of an adult contaning 27 bones in the hand, and another x-ray of a baby's hand, though babies has the same amount of bones, the x-ray showed me how they could drift apart and 'melt' away. I quite like number 3 (18 bones) of the transformations as it seems to be more half-way than the rest.

Hand study, showung two different possistions of the hand

second hand study, showing four different possistions of the hand

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    Okay - well it's obvious that you've stepped up in terms of your role as 'reviewer', and your latest review is beginning to improve in terms of structure and presentation - for instance, the captioning of the illustrations. That said, you're still missing a few of the necessary ingredients that will further help you construct credible, evidence-based reviews - for example, use of quotes and bibliography etc. I suggest too that you write your reviews as a word doc first, and make use of the spelling and grammar check, as your spelling is noticeably poor. Now, this may be because spelling etc. is something with which you've always experienced difficult, so I'd like to suggest that you seek a little extra support. I'm going to suggest you make an appointment with Gaby Jones, who works with lots of students to improve their written work and study skills. Email me at if you're interested in meeting which Gaby, and I'll get sometime sorted out. :D