Monday, 31 October 2011

9 Pages of Sketches

Most of these sketches are just ‘thoughts on a page’ I did have one or two ‘Eureka’ moments where I thought that I had a really good shot- though now, looking back on my sketches of the temples looking out towards a mountainous path, it seems rather stereotypical. 

Just some 'Brain doodles of a mountain and a 'fancy'  mansion along with a rift leading up to said mansion. but as I said- their brain doodles.

Half a brain doodle, half a 'placeing-of-things' doodle, I don't particually like this sketch as it has the lack of any type of scale. it just looks like a small hill you might see in north Yorkshire behind a house.

Mansion desgining. I liked this desgin, but not the angle. it was a 'bowl of soup' I was dreading. and it had nothing but a house desgin.

mountain sketches. while scoureing through a serch of 'mountains veiw' I found a realy good picture (that I will put in my resource findings below) that had alot of detail, a cavernous apperence AND mountains in the distance.

This is a 'Eureka' moment for me. not only do I have perspective, but I have a cavern or chasm of sorts with the mansion in the back-ground. not takeing up the entire picture.

then... more brain doodles. I was trying to aim for a more imposeing building for the 'shunned house', but It didn't work well

back to 'House on the borderline' and yet another Eureka moment- statues! egypian statues of the chaos god 'Seth' (or 'Set') giving an arch-way to the way to the shunned house- like a portal of sorts.

With this new feed of (mostly if not all) egytian statues, I began to expariment. different possitians and statues. so far- my favorite and most likely to go with is the top right (Set) statues, looking down so, when the character passes through he is greeted with the eyes of  chaos.

After a talk with Phil. He said something interesting about 'looking through a window'. I know he was being metaphorical, but I gave that 'looking through into' a try. For me... it's a so-so. one side, I like it, it seems a l;ittle more aged and gives me a little more freedom to move out-side the confines of the basement. But again- it's a bowl of soup drawing, a little plain and boreing.

I tried from the other side of the door- the opposite angle, loking down the stairs to  the basement. though, again- I like it. the angles are a bit off and it was hard to try and fix them... wich I failed to do so

All of these images I looked at are from 'google' serches. I made sure they were photographs and not copy-righted.

A string of mountains, both far an near, covered in cloud and mist- I was hopeing to digitaly paint something like this.

This photo inspired the 'Eurika' moment, though it being a chasm more than a mountain.

With that original 'Eurika' moment, I serched for temples that were lined with sculpted Gods and Goddesses, this is the Meenakshi Temple

I soon remembered out the apperence of Set and his Egyptian origin. and once again scoured for an image of a 'hallway' lined with Egyptian Gods and Godesses which led me to this image of Abu Simbel temple.

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