Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Just a quick update

I've mainly been working on my essay, as that's the biggest hurdle I face- but I've also been working on my snailme finalists, I've chosen the three I originally wanted to develop and coloured them to see what they would look like with colour- and though this may not be the final colours, it gives some idea on how the finnish snailme would look like;

Quickly coloured over the original pencil drawing.
I'll try and get my reveiws up soon- but I have to say, their the least of consern right now.

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  1. Hey Ami - Oh no, you're making me frown :( If you'd completed your reviews on the evenings after you'd watched the films... that's all I'm saying. And also, remember I want your creative blogs to be professional spaces, so maybe we don't need to hear about your views on your own workload? Just make your blog about the work. Much more positively, I'm really liking 15/16 - I just feel very sorry for your hybrid, Ami :(

    Can't help noticing your spelling is not so good, Ami - is spelling a particular problem? Or are you just typing too fast? Let me know - but you DO need to pay closer attention to your spelling and grammar etc., because like it or not, people make snap judgements about you on grounds of your spelling - don't let people judge you!