Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Metropolis Reveiw (changed)



  1. Hey Ami - what I really like about your review is how it joins the dots between the original film and the other stuff it has influenced. However, you need to look at the specific requirements requested of you by the brief in terms of your reviews - i.e. you need to include at least 3 quotes from published sources (reviews, articles, books etc.), you need to use the Harvard Method to reference your quotes, you need to entitle your illustrations correctly, include a bibliography and an illustration list. Right now, your content is interesting, but your structure and 'academic' credentials are lacking. Please read the brief again in reference to the film reviews, and please refer to the 'Rough Guide to Written Assignments' on myUCA - it contains everything you need to know about writing effective essays in the academic style - include how to use the Harvard, how to write in the 3rd person, and how to write in a more fluid and confident way. It will absolutely assist you in writing credible and engaging reviews, so please take the time to digest the info and apply it to your next review. Also, Ami - you need to watch your spelling - in the title of this post you've spelled Metropolis incorrectly, and check your review too - it maybe a Scribd formatting thing, but I spotted lots of typos...

  2. please edit/correct your spelling of Metropolis in the post title, Ami - spelling the name wrong in the title is unforgivable! (Okay, I forgive you actually, but please change it - and consult that spell-checker always!!!)

  3. Hey Ami - guess what! You've spelled 'Review' wrong now! ;) Poor Ami - Tutorphil - what a nagbag!