Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mushoom Drawings

One of the scenes in The Shunned House by H.P Lovecraft I really enjoyed reading was when the basement of the house was described, it seemed like such a dark damp and dank place that I immediately thought "this seems really interesting! I would love to depict this!"

and so, I hope that I do depict this eery basement as final piece. though much thought will have to go in the layout and planning for the writing to be depicted 'correctly' in my digital painting.

I'm not use to drawing Mushrooms. so, I thought that I would try and study them- I have an actual mushroom book with different types of fungi, but I chose an iconic shape for my first drawings so they don't look too unfamiliar.
though I don't intend the mushrooms to be a center focus of one of my three final pieces, I still want to get them right- as well as them being a 'comfort' in an unfamiliar practice of perspective and architectural drawings.

(I also much to Phil's delight- just found the spell checker!)

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