Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Elephant Man reveiw

John Merric, the 'Elephant man' was born with a very rare condition (neurofibromatosis)that affects only around 3% of the worlds population. As the Elephant man opened, the veiwers were faced with a terrifying scene of a screaming woman and howling Elephants, As how merric would have started his life. The director, David Lynch cleaverly hides john from the audience, by placeing him in a darkened scene or behind a screen until later in the film where he is in the hospital, a 'safe' haven for thoughs who are ill or, like John deformed in one way or another, the film is ultimately moveings- as was the true story; It would take a heart of stone not be moved by "The Elephant Man". Based upon the true story of the horrendously deformed John Merrick (Hurt), this tale of a pure soul struggling to be heard over the prejudice of the many is quite heart-rending.' -Almar Haflidason, BBC, 24 May 200.

John trapped, like the animal many people saw him as.

John is moved into a better hospital room, of his own. Pictures are hung on the wall- one of which grabs Johns attention: a picture of a boy sleeping in a bed. because of John's large head, he physically couldn't lay down to sleep and slept sitting up, his head resting on his good left arm. This longing for normality eventually drives him to inedvertangly kill himself.

Forced to face the 'horrid Elephant Man' who is mearly sitting in his bed, the Woman screams with fright at just the sight of him.
As You may of guessed, the Public in the Elephant Man do not take kindly to john Merric- seeing him less than an animal- he was a 'freak' something to be stared at and horrified. From birth he was put on display in a freak show, along side bearded ladies and 'little people' As he was gained freedom by Dr.
Frederick Treves People were even more desgust at him living his own life- expecially as he made his way back from france, where he was taken to after being captured by his old 'manager' where, with the help of the rest of the 'freakshow' escaped back to London, though as he made his way from the trainstation (possibly Victoria station) he was followed and harassed, children throwing things at him.

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