Thursday, 6 October 2011

Company of Wolves reveiw

Yet again, I tried my darndest on my reveiw of company of wolves, even trying new tactics and typeing down (and answering) three questions to help stucture and build my reveiw- I don't think it worked, and I wasn't able to access any viable reveiws, to add to that, I was only able to see one quote from Rosaleen's grandmother that actually helped me. but- tomorrows reveiw- the Elephant Man, I am much more confident with, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Company of Wolves
Company of wolves , as it suggests in the title, tells the same messge over and over- Inside every man is a wolf, and inside every wolf is a man as 'the Grandmother' in the film says: "A wolf maybe more than he seems, he may come in many desguises. The worst kind of wolves are hairy on the inside, because when they bite you, they drag you with them to hell!" These words, and the stories the Grandmother tells about 'the young groom' frightens her grandaughter Rosaleen, who is then wary of a young village boy who increasimgly tries to become more and more friendly towards her.

'the groom, who is in mid transformation after pulling his skin off, sheding like a stange wolf-like lizard in anger at seeing his 'wife' has three children not by him.

As the film's origin is the classic fairy tale: Red Rideing Hood, it is impossible to leave out the classic red cloak that Rosaleen has been given to her by her loveing grandmother. the Red in the cloak stands out against the grey, green and browns of the backgrounds and sets of the film, putting a spotlight on Rosaleen.

As you can see, the background is pale, while rosaleen in in bright red. red is the only colour we reconsise straight away when we wake and has the longest wavelengh, makeing the cloak alsost dazaling.

In one scene of company of wolves, Rosaleen, trying to hide from a village boy, climbs a very tall pine tree, descovering a stork standing by a nest containing blue eggs, lipstick and a mirror. As rosaleen aporaches the nest, the stork flies off and the eggs hatch to reveal small grey fetus's. This big use of symbolism- the films main 'partner', symbolises that she can have these children, and she is not a child any longer.

Rosaleen prises the egg open further and takes the baby inside, smileing as she does so- reliseing that this could one day be her baby.

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