Thursday, 27 October 2011

around 20 more sketches

I meant to post ten sketches last night. but... it seemed to have slipped my mind, as many things do as of late. Though, I'm unsure of where to go from here regarding the Shunned House- I'm focusing on the basement of said house because I think it's one of the most detailed parts that H.P Lovecraft described- that and the outside of the house which I plan to illustrate as well.

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  1. Ami - can you take your pencil drawings into Photoshop and ramp up the levels so your thumbnails have some punch? Also, crop off the spiral binding and consider too changing the size of your thumbnails via blogger so that we can all get a proper look at them - sometimes, to make thumbnails work when presented, like this, on a white background, consider inverting them in Photoshop, so that you've got white line thumbnails on a black background. Put simply, I'd like you to give some additional thought to the visual appearance of these thumbnails as they appear to people like me - also (!) number your thumbnails too! Phew! :)