Sunday, 30 October 2011

Influence Maps

Shunned House Influence Map

After I recived Folder 13, I immidetly serched 'the shunned house' and found out it was a real house. so- that means that I can't help but make great refence to that house, but I must try my best not to copy it direct. so- the serch began for abandoned houses that looked as if they'd seen much better days. as well as that lone mushroom- which, if you have read the first part of 'The Sunned House' you would know that H.P Lovecraft talks about 'bad smelling white fungi that glows like witches candle light' -or something similar.
House on the Borderline Influence Map

This Influence map was a half-half challenge. Meaning that it's easy finding pictures of mountains and mansions, but not so easy of finding pictures of being on mountains. or any type of 'fancy' house on mountains or near the base of them. but- I DO hope to use these images for 'House on the Borderline' scenes, which are prooving problimatic in one way or another.

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