Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Final changes on the essay and Maya work

I have been worrying and working on my essay since from two weeks ago. and I found the theme I chose hard. I changed what I was looking at. originally it was the  Selkie, Kitsune and and the Portuguese/Amazonian Enantado. Then it changed to Lady White-snake, Selkie and Berserker. and though, I would of loved to have kept Lady white-snake in that mix. the story isn't well known in the west and so, any of the countless plays, opras and films were only in chinese and had no english translation. so- I thinned it down to just the selkie and the berserker- then, I noticed another similarity in the two. Selkie is simply the Orcadian dialect word for 'seal'. and Beserker was 'turned' into the english word beserk. they both have myths and legends and their both words, either a myth that turned into a word or a word that turned into a creature. so, with my two, and possibly third example (that being a 'chimera', a mythical creature that contained four different creatures and is also a genetic condition where a single person can have two different DNA sets and possibly a 'split' skin (one half light coloured, the other dark coloured) I'm leaning towards the word tranforming thing. I'm half-way through my essay. I'm just 'padding it out' to make 1,500 words (last word count was 675 words).

Maya Magnifying Glass
though I would of loved to do the poker chips and anything to do with textureing and UV maps, but it seems my copy of Photoshop Elements 7 doesn't reconise that there's alpha maps, and so I can't get rid of it. I'll try ad sort out the problem as soon as I can. but, here is the magnifying glass I made just last night;

It's a different colour, yes- but in that sense- I wanted to be different.
it only took me around an hour.

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