Sunday, 16 October 2011

Final Picture Development and A Little Bit of MAYA

I have been working around the clock since friday- mostly trying to get my head around the essay and how I'm actually going to lay it out. but that's during the day- at night, my digital artistic pen rushes into my hand and we get to work on my final drawing.

But- I'm still learning how to light a scene. I've only really done day lit paintings and  'plain' lit pencil drawings. so- I thought to myself how to get the lighting in my peice correct. I'm not use to painting light from a single low-to-the-ground source or infact digital light. but- then, my mind turned to the new format I have been given since four days ago- MAYA. and so- I'm useing MAYA to help direct where the light will fall most of all on the character;

Setting out the modle to look like my character (though simplified)

though unfinnished in the shadeing/lighting, this picture shows how I keep a little rendered MAYA version of my final peice near the figure, so I can make comparisons and editds.
 Yes- the model isn't entirely accriate, but I wanted to know how and where the light would fall and how strongly in areas, I can add the rest such as hair, fetures, skin texture myself.

Maya Lighting

For some reason I wasn't able to join the MAYA blog, where you get all the important information. but- I have been improviseing since the lighting lesson. picking up bits of important informaion as I work on what the tutor is telling me, and so- though not intirely what we were suppose to do- expecially with the scenes, I did try and partake in the lighting lesson;

5 point lighting consisting of red, orange, white, yellow and grey. This was also a big step for me in another way- it is my first riggled model- you can see where the joint nodes would be.

Three point lighting. Three directional lights consisting of Red, Blue and White. This was the fist model that I made with just a single sphere. it too- is rigged.


  1. heyhey! impressive improvs! deffonitely on your ligthing model of your hybrid self, i can never find the blog either so i always remember it this way ...

  2. Hi Ami I have sent you a new invitation for the blog to I was drawing assumptions about that being your address if it isn't or you wish to use another mail me at and I will send it there. Once you have accepted the invite and followed the proper links copy the url of the site go back to your blogger dashboard and add it to the following section (hit the add button and paste it in there). When you click on it from here it will give you a warning about not having feeds, ignore that and hit the blue link.

    Any probs don't hesitate to mail me.