Thursday, 13 October 2011

Snailme finalist

After much thought and consideration, I wittled down my three finalists into just one- that I thought would both fit me (in a personality way) and still look like I've been merged with a snail:

I chose number 15, though edited the pose slightly, have the hybrid looking at least a little less depressed. I'm not there though, I am a little bit as I keep slimeing on the laptop- which doesn't belong to me! as well as knocking over a can of cola.
I chose the Laptop and the cans of cola to add to my final painting for a couple of different reasons;
-I spend 80% of my wakeing time either on a laptop or my own computer,
-The Laptop will produce my secondary light source,
-I'm addicted to cola,
-and, the cans will reflect parts of the light- giving me something to improve on: reflective surfaces.

I also sketched the skeletal structure of the final hybrid, includeing whats left of the bones, teeth and shells

This is just a basic skeletal structure of the hybrid. I didn't use any refrences- only memory.

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