Monday, 24 October 2011

Unit 2: Space

And so with the end of one unit, comes the birth of another, unit 2; Space. consept desgin for a given story section.
I got stuck with folder 8, which I dredded at first, but with the introduction of 'apocalyptic' beasts in the peice from: 'House on the Borderland, which eased the stress a little.

I'm not very good at drawing perspective- I have learnt, it's just never stuck with me.
the story parts I've been saddled with are:
  • H.P Lovecraft: 'The Shunned House'
  • William Hope Hodgson: 'House on the Borderline (the arena)
  • Edgar Allen Poe: The Masque Of The Red Death

I only have The Masque Of the Red Death to look into now, but I have read the others, and have started quickly sketching scenes, though the mountains in the house on the borderline are giving me trouble.

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