Monday, 24 October 2011

Borderline House and Shunned House sketches

and so, I've begun. I'm going to try and aim for at least 10 sketches a day- that way, I'll have the minnimum requirement on the begining of the second week- then I can develop thoughs ect...

  • 1. small representation of the basement in 'the shunned house'
  • 2.(landscape) the chimney of the house in 'the Shunned house' that apparently sometimes bellows out wolf-shaped smoke.
  • 3. the overgrown front garden in 'the shunned house'
  • 4. Bigger representation of the basement in 'the shunned house'
  • 5. the stright faced mountains (canyon) in 'the house on the borderline'
  • 6. Mountain 'arena' with a box (marble) house in the center
  • 7. Egyptian melevilent god Set (forground) and Hindu Death Goddess Kali (background)
  • 8. another representation as above, but with the bore-faced giant, the fissure and marble house drawn out. (house on the borderline)
  • 9. corridoor and stairway to the basement in the shunned house
  • 10. Much Larger represenation of the basement in the shunned house.

1 comment:

  1. hey Ami - that's right - get stuck in :) Fortune favours the brave!

    Meanwhile - go here for an audio recording of The Shunned House - creepy stuff!