Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Splice Reveiw

Splice is an interesting combination of out-of-control genetics along with a rather strange mother-daughter orientated family. We can see this by Sarah Polley's character, Elsa Kast wanting to keep the hybrid child she named Dren, played by Delphine Chan'eac.
Splice, in a sence is about a family. Early on we find out that Elsa wants to have a child with her boyfriend, Clive- who doesn't, and so triggers off the 'makeing' of dren by Elsa ombineing her own DNA- makeing a surrigate daughter for herself. Though this goes wrong as Dren- like her mother, and any other child has 'temper tantrums' when she doesn't ge her way, causeing Elsa to part-way go down her mother's routes and start physiclly abuseing Dren via slapping and pulling her when Dren has acted against her 'mother'. Guillermo Del Toro, executave producer of Splice said " What I find scary about splice is not the cloneing or the genetic malipulation or the spliceing of genes and all thoughs things, What I find is that is a sort of a horrible family story"- Splice|Featurette #1 the idea of the movie (2010), Youtube. Meaning that Splice is half to do with genetic spliceing and half to do with a family plot that unfolds as Dren grows older and understands much more.

Dren as a curious 'toddler'
When Dren is first introduced, we see a 'mad' beast thrashing about, which almost mirrors a human child's birth- though less violent- the child comes out screaming, and stuggleing to adapt to it's new environment. As Dren Grows into her todderler stage (where she is still more fetal desptie the fully developed legs) We see her more adventerous- like how a todderler wants to explore and find out everything. And as she grows into adolecence and moves from her innocent stage, she becomes more attracted to her surrigate 'farther' and pushes away her 'mother' though not entirely true with all teenagers, but it has elements of truth such as the aruments between Dren and her 'mother' and growing closer to her 'farther', but Howard Berger, Special effects make up put the term much more simply: " Dren is definately the 'ugly duckling', she basically a Blob and then develops into beautiful Dren".

Dren Child (left) and Dren Adult Female (Right)
So, Splice- as stated before borders the line of a gene spliceing action-horror sci-fi film, but contains a typical household family element, createing monsters from all kinds of people and creating people from all kinds of monsters.

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